Thursday, September 10, 2015

Are you tough enough for the new tougher CK Dextro Screwdriver range?

CK Dextro strong
Are You Tough Enough For These Profits?

Set to electrify the industry, Carl Kammerling International has enhanced its already popular C.K tools dextro screwdriver range, reinforcing its durability to make it twice as strong as the average human! 
Now up to an impressive 30 per cent tougher, the C.K dextro screwdrivers provide a true test of strength. This toolbox staple has always exceeded the tip strength requirements of ISO international standards. However, through an extensive design optimisation programme undertaken by Carl Kammerling’s dedicated team of engineers and metallurgists, the C.K dextro and dextroVDE screwdrivers are now tougher than ever before, providing screwdrivers with a real difference.
International screwdriver standards for a PZ2 screwdriver require a minimum torque load of 10.3nm. A human torque test reveals a capability of applying approximately 8.2nm of torque, and in independent testing the improved C.K dextro was found to be capable of withstanding over 20nm of torque, making it the toughest yet.
As suggested by its name, the dextro VDE has been crafted purposely for the dexterity required in the nature of the work undertaken with a long, fine neck for ultimate fingertip control. It has an ergonomically shaped dual component handle, injection moulded directly to the blade giving the ultimate bond for increased reliability and durability, and ridges along the head to give extra power in the last quarter turn.
For easy identification the entire dextro range has the tip type marked on the end of each handle, and anti-roll flats, which come in very useful when the screwdriver is put down on a sloped surface.
A premium quality, chrome vanadium steel blade provides exceptional strength and durability, whilst a precision machined tip ensures an exact screw fit and damage free screwdriving. And not forgetting that improved tip, which is now up to 30 per cent tougher!
Watch the video 
With voltages as low as fifty Volts potentially proving extremely dangerous, if not lethal, the VDE approval of the dextro VDE range offers electricians maximum safety. VDE-approved tools are designed to reduce the risk of injury and damage to electrical circuitry. For many years tools have been labelled ‘insulated’, meaning only that they are coated with a material that is not a conductor of electricity. There are even tools on the market that claim they are tested to 1,000V. However, only tools marked ‘VDE’ have passed the rigorous tests set by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, including being specifically tested to 10,000V of electricity and only these tools offer the peace of mind an electrician needs.
For more information on C.K Dextro VDE screwdrivers click here

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How to have all the tools you need right with you?

Working on electronics you end up having to have more than one tool in your box of tricks, as today’s modern electronics require a myriad of different tools to just get the cover off.  Having a toolkit is the easiest and safest and most convenient way of keeping all your belongings in one place, handy and ready to use. 
We have a wide range of toolkits, we have the ever popular range of Electronics kits, and we also have customer designed kits like the 1900M-CK which was designed for the military (done in a green canvas case).
If your tool requirements are best suited to a smaller carry case, we have a range of zip up bags:  they will fit neatly in one hand, or a slightly larger bag that you can carry over a shoulder.  You will have access to your smaller range of tools.  (We have a range with or without tools)
Have you had the misfortune of leaving a tool on site while doing a job?  Only to forget it there, and it winds up being lost or stolen. Or having lent a tool to a colleague? You would probably only notice it missing when you next need to use that tool. This is often too late. We have tried to mitigate that and have been supplying toolkits with foam tool cut-outs.  Each tool has its own cosy spot to fit in. When you need to use the tool, it is easily accessible from the foam. BUT here is the winner.  The bright orange under foam alerts you at just a glance to which tool or tools are missing while packing up. Lost tools are a thing of the past!  This will save you time, frustration and of course the cost of replacing it. Have a look below at an example of our foam cut-outs.  Depending on your requirement (quantity), we can have a specific foam cut out designed for your companies technicians. Alternatively if you are just looking for a empty bag we have a wide selection: 

Empty Brief cases
CK Magma bags
Explorer cases (waterproof)
Hard Plastic ABS
RSA 1708C-CKLost tools? 
In other news we have a range of over stocked Kennedy items which we are offering to our valued clients.  If you are interested have a look through this list.
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Christensen Tools Catalogue 2013
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

CK Magma Technician's Rucksack +Plus (Special pricing deal)

CK 2635-MAGMA 

CK have assisted us and yourselves with a really unique oppurtunity!  We have a limited amount of CK 2635-MAGMA (excludes tools) arriving next week (week 14) that we are giving you a massive 30% discount off as part of a CHRISTENSEN TOOLS 50th anniversary special.
Special price of R 880.00 ex vat. (nett)

(valid while stocks last)
(pre-orders are welcome)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The new WELLER WSD81i is here!

WELLER WSD81i is here!

Introducing the new improved version of the best-selling Weller WSD81 soldering station.

Extremely cost-efficient 
Easy to operate
Exact temperature accuracy
Ideal for Electrostatic Protected Areas
Compatible with many differerent tools
new look stand + dry wool
lock function (no need for the WCB2 calibrator )
quicker heat up
95W station output
password facility
stand-by function.

  Stock of the WSD81 is now finished & we will not bring these in future.

For more info on the WS81i click here 

Monday, March 2, 2015

C.K Power Tools Accessories range

Welcome to CKI Connect 

In this edition, discover a refresh of our C.K Power
Tools Accessories
 range. Featuring 190 new & improved products, striking packaging and eye catching displays. 

You can also watch the video of our NEW
'extremely tough'
 Blue Steel Impact Bit range, which
is a fantastic addition to our highly popular PTA category.

Finally discover the fantastic value for money 
Open Tool Tote from the C.K Magma range, featuring
12 vertical pockets for easy access.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FLUKE Calibrator promotion.

Generators are like hens teeth at the moment, but if you purchase a FLUKE 725 or 726 Precision Multifunction Calibrator with a 700P pressure module or a FLUKE 754 Documenting Process Calibrator (with HART communication), we will throw in a RYOBI 5.5 Kva Petrol Generator.  It seems too good to be true. (valid till 30 April 2015, RSA clients ONLY). 
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Christensen Tools Catalogue 2013

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Fantastic February.

50 Years selling great Tools
This year 2015 marks a special year for us @ Christensen Tools, my grandfather started the business 50 years ago in a garage in a residential suburb, a one man operation.  We have grown some what since then. We have been serving the electronics market for 50 years!  Quite a nifty feat I think!  What needs to be said is, our 50 year success has been made possible by you.  
Yes you, our loyal fan base of great clients. So thank you for trusting us with your tooling requirments!

You have to click on the video below!  The start of wearable tools!  They claim you could wear it in an airport too!  I'm not so sure yet! But imagine having tools on hand(well actually on wrist) whenever you need them, and it looks quite swish! Launching in RSA in August 2015.

How awesome is this? 

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Our Christensen Tools Catalogue is also available HERE
Christensen Tools Catalogue 2013

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FLUKE Catalogue

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