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Are your tools rusting in peace (RIP)??


Rusty Tools

You spend a lot of your hard-earned money on Great quality tools , but if you look after them, they will return the favour and keep paying for themselves. Keeping your tools properly storedcleaned, and maintained will save you time and money and make doing your job that much more rewarding.
Some of you might opt to hang them on pegboards in a workshop, or in tool cases or maybe you store them in Tool Trolleys, Whatever works for you is best.
Toolboxes also make for great tool storage, offering the primary advantage of portability. There are so many options to store your tools in toolboxes, some like briefcase type, some like a backpack, or even a sling over the shoulder bag.
•          Hand tools: You can clean most hand tools by simply wiping them down with a rag. If they're dirty, don't be afraid to give them a good wash with soap and water(non electrical). Just dry them well afterwards. Wipe it down with a light coat of Resolve ALLPUR (Multi-Purpose water repelling, penetrating spray) and wipe with a clean rag. 
•          Store power tools in their original cases. Not only are they better-protected from humidity, they're just better-protected in general.
Cleaning your tools may be the last thing you want to do after a day of work, but it's essential for keeping your tools in good shape. And it really only takes a few seconds. It's well-worth the time spent doing a little cleaning to save the time spent repairing a tool (or the money spent replacing it) later.
Rust is public enemy number one when it comes to tools. To avoid rust when storing your tools:
•          Corrosion and rust. Depending on the level of corrosion or rust, the tool may be unsafe to use. Try removing the rust yourself or just replacing the tool. Removing rust from tools is actually pretty easy if the damage isn't too great.   Resolve ALLPUR (Multi-Purpose water repelling, penetrating spray) is a wonder spray and you will be well pleased with the results.
Taking care of your tools does require a bit of a commitment, but you ask so much of them it seems a small price to pay.
Other uses of Resolve ALLPUR 
  • Dries wet electrical equipment
  • Penetrating fluid
  • Eases loosening
  • Dissolves rust
  • Lubricates and cleans
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Facilities non-destructive dismantling
  • Light duty lubricant for linkages, hinges, locks in hard to reach positions
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Conforms to European environmental standards – because commonly used surfactants pollute our soil and rivers
  • Chlorinated Solvent-Free – because chlorocarbons used by competitors are carcinogenic and soil pollutants.

For your ease, we have some additional catalogues shown below you are welcome to download as well. (just click on the image/s below)
                                          CatalogueDraper 2019
                                          CatalogueCK CatalogueESD Catalogue

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Draper Tools 100 Years up & not out.

Draper Tools 100 Years up & not out.

Draper Tools wide range of products

Draper Tools has such a wide and varied offering of tools, equipment and industrial products, their 930 page catalogue boasts almost every tool and industrial product imaginable (I say almost)

We would like to encourage you to download your own copy (in PDF it is about 181MB in size #datapricesmustfall). You will easily be able to browse through it and find all those hard to find products you have been looking for- in addition all the usual suspects are there as well.

Here are just some sections that their range covers.

Range on offer by DRAPER

Thursday, July 4, 2019

C.K range of premium tool storage

                     MAGMA LOGO
CK MAGMA                                                                  

C.K are the trusted choice of trade professionals and have been at the forefront of hand tool manufacturing for over 100 years. C.K Magma, C.K’s range of premium tool storage, are manufactured from heavyweight polyester for exceptional durability and are truly smarter by design. Reinforced pocket stitching teamed with tougher heavy-duty zips ensure C.K Magma works even harder, keeping tools secure and easily accessible.

Developed in collaboration with an extensive panel of cross trade professionals, C.K Magma storage solutions are engineered to offer leading performance, durability, accuracy and strength, all of which are key requirements for professional results. What else would you expect from C.K?

So if your customers want the best, it’s got to be C.K Magma – if they want anything less, every other bag, case and toolbelt in the world will do.
Click here for a PDF on the whole range of CK MAGMA Storage solutions.

For your ease, you can grab yourself a copy of our catalogues right here (below)
                                          CatalogueDraper 2019
                                          CatalogueCK CatalogueESD Catalogue
(Click on the image above to download) - Please be aware some are large file sizes #datamustfall

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Draper Tools 165mm Plunge Saw: Keeping on track

Draper Tools 165mm Plunge Saw: Keeping on track

TRACK saws have seen a quiet revolution. Initially, users had to contend with high prices for saw and track, but clearly the advantages outweighed the cost and they were widely adopted, writes PETER BRETT.
I, for one, cannot do without both my corded and cordless tracksaws, and they are regularly used – both onsite and in the workshop.
But, as often happens, when a market is established, other manufacturers look to take advantage of it and launch their own models. To the advantage of the consumers, these models are often very competitively priced and sophisticated enough not to disappoint.
Boxing clever
Draper must surely be in with a shout for the 2019 Ingenious Packaging Award that I have just invented. It would seem easy and obvious to package the guide tracks and saw separately, but Draper has designed a clever packaging that includes both saw and track in one to reinforce the idea that, unlike other saws, it is an inclusive package at a very competitive price.
Two 700mm long tracks are supplied in the package, along with a joiner bar kept in the gap under the guide slot. It takes but a few minutes to join the rails with the hex key supplied. At 700mm, the rails are just about long enough to skim a millimetre or two off the top or bottom of a door, but an investment in some rail clamps and maybe a longer rail would be advantageous. It is also handy that the rails have a similar profile to several other manufacturers, so borrowing could happen!
Draper has not skimped on the all-important rubber strips under the rail that provide enough friction to keep the rail in place on the workpiece (along with clamps – for safety reasons). These strips are about 20mm wide and quite robust, so should last a while. A sacrificial strip along the blade edge is slightly overwidth. The user will need to run the saw down this strip to give an accurate indication of where to place the blade when lining up on a real workpiece.
We have always associated Draper tools with competitive prices and sound quality and this saw really does deliver in this respect. For a retail price of around £120, this plunge saw is not lacking in the features seen on many, more expensive brands.
The build quality is good and all the controls work smoothly. For example, the base is a neat alloy casting that is rigid and strong. The bevel adjustment scales are clearly marked and made in solid black plastic/nylon material that inspires confidence of long-lasting performance.
Two nylon adjusters on the base allow users to take up any free play in the rail so that the saw can move down the cut without any sideways movement that might cause inaccuracy.
On the front of the base for freehand use, there are two marks showing the blade path for 90 and 45 degree cuts. 
The Draper Blue plastic body is also strongly made with enough grippy rubber on front and back handles for comfort and safety. By having hands firmly on these handles when using the saw, it ensures that they are well out of the way of the whirling blade. A key feature is the plunge scale. This has two markers on it – one to indicate depth when used with a rail and one for without a rail. The accuracy of these is very important because users need to be able to set depth of cut exactly when plunging into floors, for example.
Another key feature is the design of the blade guard that allows the use of the saw right up against walls. The blade is then only about 15mm away from the wall and is therefore about as flush a cut as can be achieved with this type of saw.
Safety is also built-in with the trigger start. The user needs to push up the black switch on the back of the main handle before the trigger can be pulled to start the motor. This switch also frees the plunge action ready to plunge into the workpiece. It is noticeable that the plunge mechanism spring is well calibrated. It has enough strength to lift the blade quickly, but is not so strong that plunge cuts cannot be achieved smoothly.
An electronic brake stops the motor within a few seconds when the trigger is released. For blade changing, a ribbed lever on the main handle is raised and the saw can be plunged to the point where it locks, revealing the blade clamping screw (hex key located in the front handle). A spindle lock next to the main handle is then engaged so that the blade can be unscrewed and replaced.
The all-important performance test
In any tool category there will be some users who demand a lot and some who only need enough accuracy/power etc to do the job. Happily, I can report that the Draper saw outperformed my expectations because it was easy to use and set up. I used it on timber, plywood, MDF and chipboard – the usual run of materials that it would face in a working day - and the GP blade coped well.
The controls feel smooth, instinctive and in the right place for safety and easy handling. As I have learnt the hard way, the output from a plunge saw is only as good as the input. Making accurate measurements in the first place and taking care to line up the cut lines will ensure a spot-on result - as will ensuring that the rails are not twisted (don’t drop them!) and firmly clamped in place in use.
The 1200w motor has enough power to cut solid timber worktops, but keep an eye on the TCT blade, because another thing I have learnt is that they work hard and need replacing more often than you think for consistently good results.
So, this Draper plunge saw delivers on both performance and price; you can’t argue with that formula.

Monday, April 8, 2019



Anniversary Edition Tool Catalogue Out Now!
It’s an historic moment here at Draper Tools as we celebrate the launch of our new centenary edition catalogue, available now. In addition to commemorate 100 years of business, the new catalogue also highlights our commitment to growth and broadening our range, with 928 pages of tools and equipment. Plus, with a new section structure and order, it’s easier than ever before to find the products you need inside.


The centenary edition catalogue is our biggest one yet and includes over 900 new products for 2019. The catalogue is packed with innovation, marking Draper Tools’ dedication to constantly reviewing and expanding its range, in order to bring customers the latest products and features.


New highlights to look out for include the impressive D20 power tools range and a completely new collection of storage chests and cabinets. The new catalogue also sees us investing heavily in our ever-growing automotive range for the professional workshop, with new equipment such as a digital wheel aligner, a hydraulic scissor jack and a series of pneumatic jacks too.


While our offering may have evolved and expanded over its 100-year history, our dedication to quality and customer service has remained a constant. Commenting on the launch of the centenary edition catalogue, Chairman of Draper Tools, John Draper, said: “We are proud to have reached this important milestone in our company history and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us get here. Although we have grown a lot over the last century, we still like to think of ourselves as a no-nonsense, customer-focused tool supplier. Quality and reliability are still very much at the heart of the business and this will continue as we progress and grow into 2019 and beyond.”


Originally established in 1919 by Bert Draper, Draper Tools has remained family owned and run today by the fourth generation of the Draper family. To mark the momentous occasion, the centenary edition catalogue opens with a personal welcome note and message of thanks from the Draper family. The family have always had a strong involvement in the creation of the catalogue, stretching all the way back to 1953, when Joan Draper produced, almost single-handedly, the company’s first type-written catalogue. Joan Draper, wife of former chairman Norman, passed away in 1999 but the staff at Draper Tools feel the new centenary catalogue is a fitting tribute to her legacy, and something she would have been very proud to see.


Right now, a year-long celebration of the company’s 100-year anniversary in 2019 is in progress, with exclusive promotions, competitions, charity fundraising and a staff party all in the pipeline. Each month there will be special edition centenary products launched at great prices. Keep an eye out for these fantastic deals on top products including socket sets, spanner sets and more.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Land Rover Monthly recently conducted tests..

Land Rover Monthly recently conducted tests..

                          Carbon Steel Mini plier set                                        

Land Rover Monthly recently conducted tests across a range of pliers and awarded our Carbon Steel Mini Plier Set (5 Piece)  the coveted PRO CHOICE product test award.
Draper Carbon Steel Mini Plier Set (5 Piece)
Stock Number: 33057
THEY SAY…“Draper’s mighty midgets top our pliers test podium. But as the shortest tool is still 125mm, and the longest 150mm, they’re more compacts than true minis. Well-shaped handles and great grips mean they fit better in the hand than many larger tools, and smooth-sprung jaws aid ease of use. The cranked long-nose and end-cut pliers are handy additions to the combi, long-nose and side cuts found in most kits.”
VERDICT..“The Draper 33057 set wins with its blend of versatility, quality and ease of use.”
Land Rover Monthly, March 2019.
For your ease, you can grab yourself a copy of our catalogues right here (below)

                                          CatalogueDraperTools CatalogueCK CatalogueESD Static Catalogue
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Welcome back its 2019, where is my screwdriver?

Welcome back its 2019, where is my screwdriver?  

                                                                   Pile of tools
Welcome back, it's 2019. Wow, 2018 flew past!  Here’s to a fantastic 2019. We will take the guesswork out in sorting out which tool is the one you need!

We are all back at work and firing on all cylinders ready to assist you with your tooling requirements, please drop us a line or give us a call on how we can be of service.
For your ease, you can grab yourself a copy of our catalogues right here (below)   

  Christensen CatalogueDraperTools CatalogueCK CatalogueESD Static Catalogue
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