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Damp & Moisture – it’s all about detective work


Damp & Moisture – it’s all about detective work

Damp is unwanted moisture in a building which has no means of escape. Of course every professional decorator knows that damp can be very damaging and it’s unwise to paint onto damp surfaces. So, what should you do and what’s the best course of action if you see or suspect damp?
Here Draper Tools offers some advice on detecting and dealing with damp.
Common causes
Damp mainly falls into three categories, damp caused by condensation, rain penetration or rising damp – which occurs when groundwater rises up through walls, floors and masonry. Buildings damaged by floods will obviously also be affected by damp.
Condensation is perhaps the most common cause of damp you’ll come across, occurring when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface. This warm, moist air can come from everyday activities such as drying clothes on a radiator or even simply breathing. Simple things like opening windows can help to reduce issues with condensation.
Older properties tend to be more commonly affected by damp but building defects, leaks, flooding and other issues can equally cause damp in more modern buildings.
Signs, symptoms and damage
Damp can allow various fungi to grow, leading to mould which can have some serious health implications. In terms of building damage, you can expect to see staining from water and from mould as well as deterioration of plaster and paint or peeling wallpaper. Indoors, excessive damp can negatively affect air quality and cause rust too. On a building’s exterior, signs of damp may include crumbling mortar.
Detection tools
All paints types vary but generally speaking, most will require a relative humidity level below 75% for best results. If you suspect damp at a property you’re tasked with decorating, it’s a good idea to test for moisture. To help with this, Draper Tools offers a Damp Detector (stock no: 34873), which is ideal for detecting rising and penetrating damp in foundation walls, floors and timbers. It’s also suitable for checking dryness of surfaces prior to papering or tiling and capable of letting you know that wood is dry before painting or varnishing. It features audible signals which clearly detect the presence of damp and humidity.
If you’re looking for a new damp or moisture meter look for something compact but solid. It needs to be fairly small, so it can still work in tight spaces. Some models will feature prongs in order to test the surface, these need to be sharp and strong, but also as small as possible, so as not to leave a noticeable hole. There are also models with LCD display screens, showing the moisture content as a percentage, like the Draper Tools Moisture Meter) for measuring water content in wood, plaster and concrete.
What to do next
If moisture or damp is detected, you ideally don’t want to start painting or papering over it, otherwise blistering and flaking can occur. What’s more, without knowing what’s causing the problem, painting over it may worsen the issue and lead to mould. See if it’s possible to determine what’s causing the damp first, if it’s something serious such as a leak, do not proceed. The problem will need to be fixed before you can paint over it. If the damp is less serious or the issue has been fixed, it may simply be a case of needing to properly dry out the space before you paint it. For this you could use a fan or a dehumidifier. Alternatively, if the space you’re painting has air conditioning or an extractor fan, it’s a good idea to turn these on too. Be warned though, depending on the extent of the damp, the drying out process could take a while.
Decorating after flood damage
In severe cases drying out could take months, this likely to be the case when decorating a flood-damaged property. If you know a property has been flooded, it is best to make sure there is no permanent damage to the substrate such as plaster, wood or brick before you begin work. After a severe flood it may even be advisable to seek the advice of a professional building surveyor.
Damp checklist
  • Check for visual signs of damp
  • Use a moisture meter or damp detector to check moisture levels
  • If the property has damp, find out the cause
  • Ensure the issue causing the damp (such as a leak) is fixed before proceeding
  • Dry out the space with a dehumidifier or fan if needed
For more details as well as painting & decorating essentials visit www.drapertools.com
Damp & Moisture – it’s all about detective work

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Draper Tools - what a fantastic range.

                                                       Draper Tools
Draper Tools

We have had such a fantastic response to our new range of tools,(Draper Tools), with approximately 18500 items, its is so easy to find the right tool for your requirements, some of their range includes:
(We have had 5000 downloads of our Draper 2018 Catalogue PDF catalogue already)
The 2018 catalogue is free to download. Please be aware the PDF is 280mb in size)  
There is an extensive range of spanners available from Draper Tools including metric and imperial spanners as well as assorted spanner sets. You’ll find everything from combination spanners to ratchet spanners, box spanners, open ended spanners and more in this section. So whether you’re a plumber with pipes to unscrew or a home DIY user with nuts and bolts to tighten, you’re sure to find the right spanner for the job here.
As every professional mechanic and DIY user will testify, reliable, high quality sockets and accessories are essential for a whole host of automotive tasks, and at Draper Tools we’ve developed a highly engineered range specifically designed for professional use. Included within these ranges are sockets, socket sets and accessories with three distinctive finishes Satin, Micro Satin, and Fully Polished. All our sockets have a knurled band providing extra handgrip. Our socket sets also have the same high quality finishes and come in 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” sizes.
Draper Tools prides itself on the range, quality and value of its hand tools. You’ll find tools suitable for professional trades and household DIY usage within this selection of tools. From hammers, to screwdrivers, knives, saws, wrenches, multi-tools and so much more, we’ve even got the essential hand tools for specialist projects. Whether you’re painting and decorating, tackling the DIY, finishing a professional woodworking project or working on a construction site, you will find the right hand tool, for all jobs, right here.

Their full 2018 catalogue is free to download. Please be aware the PDF is 280mb in size)  Draper 2018 Catalogue

(Click on the image or link above to download)DraperTools Catalogue

Fluke 177 Multimeter something you really should have.

                                              to view pricingClick for
Here is the skinny click on the images above to be directed to our web page where you will see our newly released offer for them (including the price here angers the spam gods)
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Electrician's Dream!
With its precision, reliability and ease of use, the Fluke 177 Digital Multimeter is the preferred solution for professional technicians worldwide. Independently tested for safe use in CAT IV 600 V/ CAT III 1000 V environments, the Fluke 177 is the industry standard with all the features you need to troubleshoot and repair many problems in electrical and electronic systems.
The Fluke 177 Digital Multimeter gives you True-rms voltage and current measurements, 6000-count resolution, manual and automatic ranging and provide frequency, capacitance, resistance, continuity and diode measurements. In addition, the Fluke 177 provides higher 0.09% basic accuracy, a digital display with analog bar graph and backlight.
  • Manual and automatic ranging
  • Display Hold and Auto Hold
  • Frequency and capacitance measurements
  • Resistance, continuity and diode measurements
  • Min-max-average recording
  • Closed case calibration through front panel
  • Ergonomic case with integrated protective holster

If there is anything else we can assist you with please just ask us.
You can access the three catalogues below by clicking on them to download. Please be aware they are large PDF's (in size 20-300mb in size) 

                                          CatalogueDraperTools Catalogue

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AutoExpress Magazine performed a product test on a range of inspection lamps and gave our Slimline COB LED Rechargeable Magnetic Inspection Lamp (stock no.65395) their “Recommended” accolade.


Stock Number: 65395
RECOMMENDED The incredible output of the Sealey LED180 surprised us, yet Draper’s lamp is even better. Its long COB (chip-on-board) LED produces a smooth, wide beam that’s brighter than the LED180’s. Used close up, it’s arguably a bit much, so we’re glad the lamp includes a more frugal and less intense mode, which Draper claims gives up to four hours of light. That’s more usable than the two hours 10 minutes our test achieved at full power. We like the mains and USB charging options, but positioning is compromised by the fact there’s no hook and only one magnet.
4.5 / 5
AutoExpress, March 2018.

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Someone stole a chunk of our telephone cables !

Someone stole a chunk of our telephone cables !

If you have tried to call us and the line just rings, we haven't taken the day off!  Our lines seem to have been damaged in a large cable theft! (affecting numerous businesses in Jeppe) 

cable stolen
Please try the following numbers as we have been advised it could take 2 weeks to restore

Our telephone lines are down at our JHB office, please contact us on one of the cell numbers below, or send an email to sales@christensen.co.za

Themba     - 081 394 4926
 Lourens     - 066 472 2348
 Donovan    - 074 875 5457
Prince       - 063 022 9320
Christo      - 076 972 6474
Werner      - 071 109 4548

  Some catalogues for your to look through.
To download it simply click (please be warned it is 155MB in size,)  :  Draper full catalogue (155mb in size)
 To download it simply click : Christensen Tools 2017 Catalogue (27 Mb in size)
 To download it simply click : C.K 2017 Catalogue,

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

We are excited to tell you about our new partnership with Draper Tools.

We have been supplying quality tools for well over 52 years!  We are always on the lookout for quality brands and products to make great additions to our ranges.   
Draper Tools
We have secured the rights to sell Draper Tools in South Africa!  We are confident that it will mark a wonderful beginning in a long and beneficial partnership, offering our valued clients some great options.
We have a new website www.drapertools.co.za with about 7500 products and pictures and about 10 000 other products with pricing.  It is newly launched and we will be tweaking it to get it 100% over the next few days.
Draper has a fantastic range, of literally thousands of different products. We have in addition to that a FULL Draper catalogue to offer you to download, please be warned it is 155MB in size, its the only way we could pack so many of their products into one PDF. (it is well worth the download)  We will be bringing in regular shipments from Draper to ensure a swift turn-around for your needs.
To download it simply click :  Draper full catalogue (155mb in size)
Draper Tools
We will be bringing in regular shipments from Draper to ensure a swift turn-around for your needs.
    If there is anything else we can assist you with please just ask us.

    Best regards, 

    John Christensen 
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